single zayn is like michael’s hairline



The office isn’t the same without steve carell

Stand Up to Cancer

okay so my friend (or lack thereof) has become really annoying and she's always screaming at me and getting mad over the dumbest little things. Like if I play a 1d song around her, she'll start having a tantrum. Should I drop her?

If I were u id probably just stop hanging out with her tbh

green beans with salt and ketchup are literally so good

I was wondering if you could give me advice on something, for the past 3 years I suffered with an eating disorder and I had literally no confidence at all but I have now recovered and I'm healthy and fit. I posted a bikini photo on instagram from when I was at the beach the other day and my closest friend started indirectly calling me a slut for it and my confidence has once again dropped I saw nothing wrong with it I was proud of my body but now...

fuck your friend if she was really your friend she wouldn’t be saying stuff like that, don’t let her words change what you think about yourself!! I bet you looked hot in that pic don’t delete it pls

One Direction - Stand Up to Cancer

tfw u don’t know what tfw means

One Direction - Stand Up to Cancer